A bidirectional dynamics has been observed between hyperglycemia and periodontal infections. Higher rate of activation pathways are induced due to hyperglycemia which is responsible for inflammation thereby leading to macrovascular as well as microvascular complications, along with oxidative stress and apoptosis. A raised level of inflammatory markers such as: IL6, TNF-α and C-reactive protein occurs in the pathological manifestation of hyperglycemic events which in turn prompts acute-phase of inflammation leading to impaired signaling of insulin function and insulin resistance. On the other hand, enhanced systemic inflammation due to periodontal diseases mediated by the release of IL6 and TNF-α happens when associated with hyperglycemia. A paradigm shift in the oral microbiota due to hyperglycemic condition results in an increase in the pathogenicity of associated pathogenic microbes as a consequences an increased inflammation and bone loss in periodontal pathologies occurs. Inflammatory periodontal disease and diabetes show the cyclic relationship between the two. Diabetes predisposes the individual to periodontal infections and also the later exacerbates or worsens the glycemic control in diabetic patients. Routine periodontal examination provides an insight for the early diagnosis of diabetes in undiagnosed patients and may reduce the worsening of metabolic control thereby preventing serious complications. Also the oral health of diabetic patients may be improved and well maintained with proper management of blood glucose levels. Therefore large-scale prospective epidemiological analysis are the only sought after approach to clearly bring in the connectivity between Diabetes and Periodontal disease.


K. Swapna Kumari, BDS
Dental surgeon from Utkal University, Odisha in the year 2011. Has been working as faculty in Institute of Dental Sciences, Siksha O Anusandhan Deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.
Research Interest: Genomic analysis of oral microbiome in apical periodontitis
Experience during Internship:
i. Oral Surgery : 80 extractions (including Minor Surgical Procedures)
ii. Endodontics : 19 Root canal Treatments and all other types of restorations
iii. Prosthodontics : Complete Denture, Removable partial dentures and Crown preparations
iv. Dental Camps : Self-Organized 3 and attended 6
v. Handling patients in all other Specialized departments of the Institute
Presentation of Scientific Papers:
• Kumari S.K. (2008), Maxillary sinus infections, in 26th Orissa state dental conference, organized by Indian Dental Association at Puri, Orissa.
Workshop attended:
• Kumari S.K. (2009), Head and Neck Oncosurgery Workshop, organized by Institute of Dental Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
• Kumari S.K(2011), Head and Neck Aesthetics & Reconstruction, organized by Institute of Dental Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Orissa