Management of COVID-19 pneumonia cases is a medical challenge. However, the situation becomes worse if the patient has coexisting morbidities or newly developed complications. The study is about managing rectus sheath haematoma (RSH) in a patient with COVID-19 pneumonia.
Presentation of case
The patient was a 75-year-old male, presenting with bilateral COVID-19 pneumonia, with pulmonary embolism complications. Therapeutic anticoagulation by subcutaneous Clexane injection was administered. A left RSH was observed, and the patient fell and underwent haemorrhagic shock. Laparotomy was done for the evacuation of the haematoma.
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT) is an essential tool for diagnosing RSH, identifying the source of bleeding, type of haematoma, and compression of the urinary system.
Surgical management of RSH in COVID-19 patients is superior to interventional radiology during the rush pandemic period.


Dr. Ilkin Bakirli is a resident in Vascular Surgery currently working in the National Institute of Cardiovascular diseases in Bratislava, Slovakia. Dr. Ilkin is a young hard working doctor with demonstrated determination to learn more and more. He has graduated from the Slovak Medical University in June 2020.